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Spectus Elite 70

Ovolo and bevelled system
Co-extruded bubble gaskets
Single leg knock in bead
Five chamber profile
3mm outer wall thickness

TSL (Twin Cam Security Locking)
is a breakthrough in window locking systems. This is one of the strongest and most reliable locking systems on the market. High quality materials and finishes give TSL exceptional corrosion resistance, whilst tight production control ensures that each product will last for years.

G4 Rhinobolt offers high levels of security. It is designed and tested up to and beyond any standards for multi-point door locks, including the stringent PAS and Dutch SKG tests. The hooks are coated with anti-friction GU silver FerGUard. The G4 Rhinobolt has been independently tested by the BBA for endurance, water-tightness and corrosion resistance.

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